"We are passionate about what we create. Our work has a sense because we try to put seriousness into the things we do; we try to be famous because we are serious and not because we are known." This is what thas been said by the Sole Director, Dr. Flavio Toppan.
Here comes the decision to adopt a Code of Ethics.
Eurocartex wants to remember the fundamental ethical values that inspire it.
We believe that communicating in a conscious and clear way improves relations with all our interlocutors, generating value.
The code confirms the EIC (Ethical Trade Initiative) Base Code which is based on the International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions that is an internationally recognized labor practice code.
Day by day all these elements and ideals strengthen the company, the spirit of the employees and the desire to achieve a great goal: to be recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of soft paper cushions and as an excellent producer of laminated papers.
Eurocartex Code of Ethics